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LEGO® ... So Much More Than A Toy

LEGO® bricks have been a staple in children's toy boxes for decades, and for good reason. Beyond being a fun plaything, LEGO® is also a valuable educational tool. These colorful bricks are ideals for teaching kids about science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) subjects. And that is EXACTLY what The Brick Lab is doing with our new after school programs.

How are we making LEGO® educational? EASILY! LEGO® naturally lends itself to a variety of educational modalities without sacrificing the fun of building and creating. Check out how The Brick Lab is combining STEAM learning with LEGO® play:

Hands-On Learning Experience: LEGO® provides a hands-on, interactive way for kids to learn about STEAM concepts. Building with LEGO® bricks helps kids understand and internalize concepts such as cause and effect, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving in a way that's enjoyable and memorable. Kids are more likely to retain the information they learn when they get to see it in action and experience it for themselves.

Unleash Your Creativity: LEGO® encourages children to let their imaginations run wild. With its vast array of bricks, figures, and accessories, kids can build anything they can dream up. This inspires kids to be imaginative and innovative, and helps them practice their creativity while developing critical thinking skills that will serve them well in the future.

Engineering Principles Made Fun: LEGO® can be used to teach basic engineering principles such as gear ratios, pulleys, and levers. These lessons can be both fun and educational, helping kids develop an early understanding of the concepts that underlie many technological innovations. By building with LEGO®, kids are learning important engineering concepts in a way that's engaging and enjoyable.

Improving Spatial Reasoning Skills: Building with LEGO® requires kids to visualize the end result and plan their steps accordingly. This helps to improve their spatial reasoning skills, which are essential for success in many STEAM fields. Whether they're designing a new creation or troubleshooting a problem, kids will be using their spatial reasoning skills every step of the way.

Encourages Teamwork and Communication: the LEGO® sets used by The Brick Lab in our after school programs require collaboration and teamwork to build, encouraging kids to work together and communicate effectively. This helps to develop important social skills and can even foster a love of teamwork and collaboration that will serve them well in their future studies or careers. Whether they're working with friends or instructors, kids will learn the importance of teamwork and clear communication.

The Brick Lab is passionate about LEGO®. We feel it is a fantastic tool for teaching kids about STEAM subjects. Its hands-on, interactive approach to learning, combined with its ability to encourage creativity and improve spatial reasoning skills, makes LEGO® a fun and effective way to introduce kids to the exciting world of STEAM. So, if you're looking for a way to make STEAM education more accusable and enjoyable for your kids, consider enrolling in a Brick Lab class or checking out our online content for fun at-home-build tutorials. Your students will thank you!

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Looks awesome! Can't wait to sign my kids up!

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