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Parties and Group Events

Let's Celebrate

Make you birthday party, team building, or special event one to remember with The Brick Lab. We have you covered with fun LEGO® themed activities, builds, games, and challenges delivered directly to your event. There is something for everyone at an event featuring The Brick Lab.

Currently servicing Scotts Valley and surrounding communities. Contact us for more information.

Event Themes

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Space Wars

These are the LEGO® you are looking for. Our sets depict iconic movie moments and the best characters. Enjoy fun games and build challenges themed for your Space Wars party. 

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Be our guest with a fairy tale themed party. Princess dreams do come true with fun LEGO® princess games and builds. We will also bring a LEGO® princess castle for imaginative play.

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Amusement Park

Work collaboratively with your guests to complete LEGOLAND® exclusive sets. Create working rides and quirky props. Have fun racing your own cars in a downhill drive challenge.

No event is complete without a fun and interactive theme! Choose from one of our popular themes or let us help you come up with a custom brick theme based on your favorite LEGO® collections.

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Event Packages

The Brick Lab provides all LEGO® bricks, supplies, and materials required to complete the activities in each event package. To ensure that your celebration is a BRICK-TASTIC experience all of our event packages include the following:

  • 2 dedicated Brick Lab Party Coordinators to take care of setup, clean up, and lead Brick Lab activities.

  • 2 folding tables to be used for brick building activities and display/imaginative play.

  • Brick Building Tent for all outdoor venues (this provides shade as well as containment for all LEGO® to reduce the risk of lost pieces).

  • 1 themed pre-built LEGO® set to be used by your Brick Lab Party Coordinators to inspire event participants.

  • 1 downhill racetrack, 6 ft in length.

  • All the LEGO® bricks needed to complete Brick Lab Party activities (minimum 2,000 lose bricks).

  • Building instructions and inspiration for those builders who like a bit of guidance.

LEGO Car 2.jpg

Basic Brick

  • Up to 10 builders

  • 1-hour of build and activity time 

  • 1 vehicle build challenge

  • Bracket style vehicle race tournament (no prizes)

  • Free time for imaginative play and creative building

LEGo Pile 2.jpg


  • Up to 10 builders

  • 1.5-hours of build and activity time 

  • Themed collaborative build and play activity

  • 1 themed vehicle build challenge

  • Bracket style vehicle race tournament (winner certificate for 1st-3rd place)

  • Free time for Imaginative play and creative building

LEGO Pile 1.jpg

Brick Mania

  • Up to 10 builders

  • 2-hours of build and activity time 

  • Wearable brick built badge or bracelet for each builder (take home)

  • Themed collaborative build and play activity

  • 1 themed vehicle build challenge

  • Bracket style vehicle race tournament (winner certificate for 1st-3rd place)

  • Free time for Imaginative play and creative building

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Custom Package

  • You choose:

  • Number of builders

  • Time available for activities (2-hours+)

  • Take home project

  • Themed play and build activity

  • Build challenge

  • Type of race activity

  • Play and inspire pre-built LEGO® set

  • Themed free time creative building loose pieces

  • Additional LEGO® themed activities

  • Themed decorations inside the Brick Building Tent

  • Goodie bags for all builders (take home)

Event Add-Ons

Make your special event truly unique. The Brick Lab offers a wide variety of activities and extras that can be added to any event package. Have something in mind but it isn't listed here? Contact us and let us know what we can do to make your event jusr right.

Goodie Bags

Send your guests home with a fun party bag filled with LEGO® themed treats and trinkets.

More Activities

Let our Party Coordinators create customized games, builds, or challenges to meet your needs.

From $125

Brick Props & Photos

We bring the brick built props and you bring the smiles for the Brick Lab Builders Photo Stand.

Decorations & Invitations

The Brick Lab can provide you with all the paper decorations and invitations you need for your event.

From $200

Take Home Builds

Guests can take their builds home with them. Custom take home projects create lasting memories.

From $250

Additional Builders

The more the merrier. Adding more builders to your guest list is easy. We can accommodate any group.

From $35

Contact The Brick Lab

We want to help you celebrate at your next event. Get in touch to request booking a party or private event.

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